Silvarrie Walkway Heads to Moda
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17 November 2016

Arriving into the UK via its launch at Moda Accessories, Silvarrie Walkway presents a new take on leather accessories. Characterised by a commitment to craftsmanship which transcends the men’s and women’s sectors, the brand targets the individual with handmade designs created with longevity in mind. 

The collection is made in Indonesia in line with artisan traditions and a commitment to exquisite detail. Art is a key influence in the design of the bags, with designs being created around what is pleasing to the eye rather than wider fashion trends. 

“Silvarrie Walkway is so called because it is a journey,” says brand director Harry Sandhawalia. “The brand is a journey into art and passion with each item displaying unparalleled quality in craftsmanship and exquisite details. Silvarrie Walkway blends art and attitude in a concept that is timeless.”

Silvarrie Walkeway will debut its leather offer for both men and women and this season’s Moda Accessories.

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